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The world of entrepreneurship and home help is immense, any information is useful and we are here to help. We offer information dossiers and some useful links for you to broaden your knowledge and develop your activity with success.


Dossier of physical exercise in older people with cognitive impairment. Download

Ten recommended books for entrepreneurship. Download

Manual for entrepreneurs. Download

Personal Autonomy Development Program. Download

Law to Promote Personal Autonomy and Care for dependent people. Download

Resource Guide for elderly in the Basque Country. Download

Do you want to take your first steps as an entrepreneur? Here we help you. Download

Healthy eating for elderly. Download

Before starting to open your new business you have to read this. Download

Guide associations for the elderly in Spain. Download

How to prevent injuries to people immobilized. Download

Cognitive aging, what is it? How to treat it? Download

Exercising for the elderly: moving is caring. Download

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