The overall objective of the project is the creation of self-employment and / or social economy enterprises for home help in aged rural areas with a high dependency ratio. We are specifically targeting rural women with entrepreneurial spirit

The specific objectives:

  • Promote female entrepreneurship in rural areas
  • Reduce the rate of unemployment in rural areas through the incorporation of women into economic activity.
  • Identify the needs of dependent aged people (over 65 years) in rural areas.
  • Analyse the situation (labour and training) of women of working age located in rural areas.
  • Create a virtual network of rural female entrepreneurs aimed at jobs with dependent people in rural areas, with the purpose of: creating professionalism in this type of work, increasing job opportunities for the target group (women who live in rural areas) and develop the capacity for self-organization and action among the target group.
  • Improve women’s professional qualifications in rural areas by organising a development program i.e. through training on business matters, confidence and self-awareness of oneself and techniques related to the care of dependent elderly people.
  • Promote entrepreneurship and the consolidation of business projects for women in rural areas and develop networks of entrepreneurs and business women as a key mechanism of economic revitalisation in rural areas.
  • Empower women from rural environments with the information and tools that will enhance the creation and maintenance of the jobs created.

The overall and specific objectives of the project are linked to the commitment to «Promoting gender equality between men and women in working life», specifically «female entrepreneurship and self-employment» and «Increasing activity rates and employment of women «marked by the program Gender Equality and Conciliation.

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